Faith Troopers

Posted: April 30, 2012 in thought to ponder

Boot Camp for Kids

Imagine hyperactive kids running around, inside the sanctuary of the church. Imagine the entire hall being decorated into army barracks, obstacle course, and a parade ground for the military drills. Yes, that is what we have in Cross Pointe for the past week. It was indeed a faith stretching moment for all of us.

I am reminded of what Pastor Omar talked about in one of the devotions…Gideon. He was one of the leaders (judges) of Israel who was ill-equipped, unprepared and just not the typical leader. He was scared of fighting, no experience and doubted his capacity to lead. In the end, he went to war with 300 men armed with torches and jars. It is like the Philippines going to war with China equipped with plastic toy guns. But that is how God works. He does not need high tech equipments to win a battle He already won. All He needs is a willing heart. An obedient one. He gives the orders and we just need to follow it.

At the end of one week, I am still having hangovers because I was stretched in faith. I doubted I can do my assignments. I didn’t think we have the means. I tried encouraging everyone but deep inside of me, I was scared. But that is how God works. It is not by our strength. The battle has already been won even before I went out to fight.

So what’s next? After Faith troopers, we are going to have mother’s day special. We give a reason for people to invite their friends to come to church.

Have a faith stretching today. Let God move in a way you couldn’t imagine.



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