unsent message

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I met you, I had this attraction thing. There was no explanation. But then your choice of men is completely retarded in my opinion. It doesn’t really matter because you have shown no feelings towards me and you always put yourself in a guarded situation. but at least, I wanted you to know that I was ready to do anything to make you happy. I know you’re crazy and that is one of the reasons why I adore you.

You had a boyfriend then, and I was praying that you would be happy with him. that you would have a great future together. even if it was painful, i’d go with you wherever the road leads us just because I know you are happy in that state.

If I was mean to you, or rude to you, it’s just me deflecting from the anger of the thought that I wouldn’t be with you. heck, I felt like being friendzoned every time I move.

but it’s just not that you are pretty that I am attracted to you. You’re funny in your own way, smart in some ways, does things in ways that I couldn’t believe you would do. but that’s you. and I like that.

I would always question if I have a fighting chance. I would ask if I could even be close to being loved by you. but then I see you have no interest. so I’m sorry for being a jerk. and rude. and a pain in the ass at times.

in short, what I really want to say is… I love you.


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