Best Man’s thought

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had the opportunity of being the best man in a wedding. The processional march was beautiful. The maid of honor was stunning and a beauty to behold. The sponsors marched with such dignity. The kids who were holding the treasures and the Bible were cute. The bridesmaid and groomsmen were elegant in their gowns and barongs. Then came the flower girl and then the bride. The anticipation of the groom as he waits for the bride to march towards the aisle was felt. At the end of the ceremony, it is still the groom and the bride that we look forward to, after all, this is their wedding.

I am thankful for the opportunity to see this wedding. You see, some people get lost in the maze of having the flowers beautiful, the place arranged, the program intact that we forget the purpose of all the preparation is the wedding of the bride and groom in itself.

Today, we can reflect on the thought, has my service to Christ become my priority instead of Christ himself? We may be working on having the best games in BreakPointe, or good music in the worship team, or the best prayer during the prayer meeting that we forget the reason for doing all of these…Christ.

May we not forget why we are invited to the wedding feast. May we not get lost with the externals and forget the reason for the preparations. Enjoy the feast, but don’t forget the one who sent you the invitation.Image


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