My Bakit List.

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’m listing down things I am grateful to God for in the year 2012. I really encourage everyone to have a “bakit” list, or a list of why I should be thanking God.

bakit list

/ˈbaːkit/ /ˈbaːkɛt/
– why
– for what reason


1. Lenny. Oh that’s the name of the laptop. I have been praying for one for eight years. 2012 was the year when that prayer got fulfilled. In God’s perfect time.

2. ETCP. That’s the short version of Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines. I am thankful that I was able to get in and excel in the field of Theology.

3. Break Pointe. This is the youth ministry or student ministry in the church I am in. God just shows his faithfulness every time we meet. The growth in terms of numbers and volunteers still keep me grounded because I can see God at work.

4. Friends. I thank God for a steady supply of friends I can share a cup of coffee with, talk about anything under the sun, and just be my quirky self. (that’s a self admission, yes, I am crazy)

5. Sponsors. I am grateful that God provides through various sponsors within the church and outside. I thank God for making me a recepient of His blessings through the sponsors. This way, I can be an instrument to others too.

6. Need to Know. This is the media portion of the Sunday service. I reached my 100th video upload in 2012, and still continuing to produce short stories, testimonies and it is indeed an experience to be able to come up Sunday after Sunday. This is also where I am stretched and challenged.

7. Family. The year 2012 marks another year that my sister and brother have celebrated life with me by being in church, in important events and birthdays, Christmas, New Year. I am glad that we enjoy the simple things in life.

8. Love life. I am thankful for the experiences I have in 2012 with my love life. God is still at work and is still in the process of refining me.

9. Room. I am a pilgrim. I would stop being a pilgrim when I finally trade this mortal body for a glorified one. Thanking God for providing a roof over my head.

10. Bike. I started to bloat and the year 2012 is the year I started biking. A lot of experiences with uphill and downhill and thinking of writing a book, sort of devotional for bikers.

11. Life. Celebrated my 28th year in this earth last year. It is one more year closer to going home!

12. Evernote and Dropbox. Two applications that I learned and was so helpful in school and at work. Try it out!

and to check out Cross Pointe’s  (my home church) 12 in 2012, click HERE.


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