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The top ten resolutions for 2012 are…

– Spend more time with family and friends

– exercise.
– go on a diet.
– quit smoking.
– enjoy life more.
– quit drinking.
– be debt free.
– learn something new.
– help others.
– get organized.

I noticed that resolutions usually last for a week, and then reality strikes. Excuses come up. There are a lot of reasons that we come up short. Paul said…


I was studying this passage and looking at it, I was wondering, how can someone forget what is behind? He is in prison…in chains. How can he strain towards what is ahead when his situation isn’t really bright? How can he press on towards the goal when he is in a cell? Paul was still thinking of the Philippian believers as he was writing to them regarding their state. He was encouraging the believers to have an attitude or a mentality of being like minded, to have fellowship with one another, to be humble…even while he was in chains. He was planning of what he was going to do even if he is a prisoner. He was talking about his release!

Paul was in pursuit of something higher than Himself. His eyes were pressed on the goal. He says he has not accomplished everything yet, despite the fact that he was on top of his game. He was pressing on towards the ultimate prize…and that is Jesus.

It got me thinking…what is my goal for 2013? What am I pursuing for this year? Is it my studies? Is it my job? Paul was focused on being heavenward. Our resolutions fail because we are focused on ourselves, we aren’t thinking heavenward.

In the end, I am reminded of marathons and races…specially that we do have a lot of fun runs and races all year round. No runner looks back when he is running. He looks forward and runs the race. No runner thinks of what is behind him, but rather, he focuses on the prize, on the finish line.

By the way, life is not a sprint. It is a marathon. God has given some a 100 meter race, to others He gave the 21k run. We should all run our races, and whatever the distance God gave us, focus on the prize…of being heavenward to be with Jesus.


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