Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

talking about women

“Before you remove a fence first ask why it was put there in the first place.” This society has removed many moral fences without asking why they were there in the first place. This has left us wide open and Exposed to many things that God is not pleased with. So next time personally, professionally, spiritually or financially you go to remove a fence pause and ask why was it put up in the first place.

That was a quote from Ravi Zacharias. I am normally not one who would bend in a system, specially if it feels oppressive. However, there is currently a “new rule” in school that is been talked about lately.

First, it was about the uniforms. Although I was fined in a “pharisee-like” manner, I have aired my thoughts but paid my fine. That means, I agreed to the rule. Not because the rule is right…or fair, but because it means I submit myself to the system. (Although all I am talking about is to allow me to wear rubber shoes to school because I ride a bike or walk so leather shoes isn’t really helpful for me).

So yeah…I asked, why should we wear leather shoes?

Now it is about being in public with the opposite sex, guy and guy, girl and girl. Seriously, fellow students, that rule is already in place if you go to ministry. I wouldn’t go against that rule or rebel against it. It is just a reminder to strive for holiness (although we can subject this to a debate) but the issue here is the motivation behind it.

I do go out with lady friends. If the school is implementing the rule that we can’t go out ALONE, then go as three or four. Not one on one. duh.

Ask yourself…why is the rule being placed there? Examine yourselves. Should we follow it or not? Remember that we are students, we agreed to go to school (and in the process…follow the rules, whether we like it or not).

I rest my case.


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