Monday Trivia Night

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized


We started playing Trivia Night in 2012. That was around July. or was that August.

Every Monday night is Trivia Night. Sprockets Cafe is the venue that I look forward to see on Monday Nights.

It was challenging. Week after week, we get to learn new stuff. Something that I know I wouldn’t be able to use in real life. Never mind if I can’t use it in school. But maybe one day, those useless information would turn out to be a life and death questionaires by the guy in Saw, or in who wants to be a millionaire or minute to win it. (as if I would really join those shows)

I hate losing. Really. I hate not winning. What hurts is that we usually end up in the fourth place. It was becoming equally frustrating that we just couldn’t land a win. not one.

but not tonight.

We finally reached Third place. But we screamed and shouted as if we were the winners.

Tonight, I could sleep with a smile on my face.

Sweet Third Place.



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