Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Short and catchy. In marketing, it is important to have a name that sticks when it comes to name recall. For example, when we say Xerox, we automatically think of photocopying machines, or say, Kodak, and we can think of pictures. In seeking for a band name, we also think of something short and catchy, but also something that could define what the group is going to be.

Looking at Scriptures, the group of believers were described better in the book of Acts. The believers devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles, they devoted themselves to fellowship, and they broke bread in their homes, and they devoted themselves to prayer. If we are to look at what they were doing, they simply were involving God in their lives. The book of Acts also speak of how the believers went out to proclaim about Christ.

This is what this group is. UCAP exists to unite artists in the Christian community who are dedicated in building and developing each other’s skills for the work of God. We are doing what the believers in the book of Acts are doing. We continue to do the work we are entrusted to do, and thus, we are the 29th chapter of the book of Acts.

A29. Acts 29.


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