My momma

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was given an assignment a month before mother’s day. There were a lot of events in church such as the VBS (or vacation Bible school) and a lot of activities that I really wasn’t able to write down ideas for this video.

Monday came and I was so exhausted. I dropped by to a friend’s house to just see what his mom is doing or simply put it, it’s like studying my subject. The best subject I can think of is my own mother.

Tuesday came and we had to go on a road trip to San Carlos City, about two hours by land, and then took us across the Island by ferry and we were able to spend the night there and go back to Cebu the following day, technically arriving around 6pm on Wednesday. So three days have passed by.

Thursday came and I was having a writer’s block. or rather, a script is still not in place.

Friday came and we had the youth, and I tried to make a video out of them but it wasn’t just up to the standards.

I felt that life was spiraling out of control but thank God for that Friday night. I remembered bubble gang.

The longest running gag show in Philippine TV used to have segments like the rich kids talking, or the muchas grasas, where hobos act out like rich people and talk about life. I also remembered boy pick up.

Hence, the idea came and I was able to make the scripts. and the shoot.

We had to shoot twice because the first time we shot this, I forgot to turn on the microphone.

anyway, this is simply my way of saying…happy mother’s day mom! 🙂


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