Baptism in a shower room

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m tired. Full schedule on a Sunday which meant I was working late last night (a Saturday) and sometimes I feel so drained. Like right now, I feel exhausted.

But what lifts my spirits is seeing a man, advanced in years, wanting to go for a water baptism. Even with his health complications, this did not stop him from getting baptized.

My boss (who is the senior pastor), the youth pastor, and the media guy (that’s me) went to a house to have a baptism…in the comfort room.

So I was wondering if the man would be immersed or sprinkled…and this would lead to a lot of discussions for theologians but for now, we have a job to do.

The pastor said a few words on what baptism meant and then took the shower and we did our baptism “showering” on the man.

It isn’t really about sprinkling or immersing. Baptism is an act of declaration of putting faith in Jesus.

So even if I was exhausted, I am glad I was there to witness a man putting his faith in Christ. And the heavens rejoiced along with us.

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