Sin Cycle

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks), Theology

Explain the four step (fourfold) cycle which the nation of Israel repeatedly experienced in the book of Judges. Then explain the spiritual lesson that can be found from this cycle.

The sin cycle of Israel would go from (a) Israel sinning (they would do evil in the sight of the Lord), (b) then the Lord would bring judgment (letting their enemies overcome them), (c) then the Israelites would repent (they would cry out to the Lord), (d) then God would send a deliverer (hence, the title Judges) then the cycle repeats again.

Here are the lessons I gleaned out of the fourfold cycle. First, man is indeed depraved. No matter how many times God shows grace and compassion towards man, he is prone to wander and fall into sin specially during the “high times” or when the good times come. Second, I see the attributes of God in this cycle. He is holy. He won’t tolerate sin and He would punish the Israelites. That also shows that He is just. He would use the enemies of Israel to punish them but also uses Israel to bring judgment on the enemies of Israel. He is forgiving. He would forgive Israel and choose to preserve them instead of wiping them out of the face of the earth. He listens to a repentant heart. He does not block off His own people but hear their cries and He provides. He gives them a deliverer (or a judge) to watch over the Israelites.

The fourfold cycle gives me an idea of my relationship with God. Though I would fall or fail, He allows me to repent and come back. The consequences of sin would be there, and would be paid, but there are instances when deliverance does not come immediately. It does not diminish God for being God, but He allows it to happen in order for His purposes to be fulfilled.



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