God’s not dead

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Films


How can you hate someone who is dead?

In a scene from the movie, a freshman challenges a philosophy professor to think about God, whom he hated rather than not believing in his existence. Most people who reject God have a deep wound and they blame Him for it.

The movie, “God’s not dead”, was our film with the youth. It was a movie filled with memorable lessons. Here are some of my thoughts…

#1 We live in a culture that is full of information. We have search engines that can find results in a click of a mouse, and yet we don’t really study one that matters…the word of God.

#2 Some of the most important work we do seems meaningless. – This statement was given by a visiting missionary to the pastor who is leading a small church. Indeed, there are times that prayer, devotionals, spending time with God, and spending time with our family seems meaningless but it is actually the most important work that we ought to be doing.

#3 “Sometimes, the devil allows people to live free of trouble so they don’t need God.” – I am reminded of the frog in the kettle. He never knew he was being cooked until it was too late. Being trouble free doesn’t mean we don’t need God. It might be the devil’s way of making us procrastinate and hold off our decisions in following Christ.

#4 Lastly, We are going to be challenged. As Christians. As youths. We have to face the world in a daily basis. The question is, are we prepared? Have we done our part in equipping ourselves for the battle in school, at home, or at work?

The film is one of the few I would be recommending to watch over and over again (with your family perhaps?) and would lead us to a discussion on our faith, where we stand, and how we handle issues.

Feel free to share your thoughts too!


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