Keep your integrity

Posted: September 10, 2014 in psalms

I still remember the time when there were issues hurled against me. It was a tough time because I am affected even if I tell others that I’m fine. The accusations were not true, and it was being spread around like wildfire. The problem with gossip is that there is no proper avenue to fight it. There was just no way to defend myself. It was just going to go around.

I remember crying out to the Lord and asking God for help. I also went to the dean of our school and told him about the issues. He simply said, “This is the reality of being in the ministry. We can only defend ourselves by keeping our integrity.” Then, he prayed for me.

I recall this story because the psalmist was in a situation where he was helpless and was looking for comfort in God. He was saying, “God rescue me! Teach me where to go!” He also wrote something that struck me.

May integrity and uprightness preserve me,
for I wait for you.
Psalm 25:21

While being in a tight situation, he chose to remain with his integrity intact. He could have just resorted to shortcuts, or try to avenge himself but in waiting for the Lord to move, he chose to keep his integrity. Even if the pressures are running high, the psalmist chose not to do foolish things and wait for the Lord.

When we cry out to the Lord, may it be that integrity and uprightness preserve us. May it be that even in the toughness of the situation we are facing, may we not think of getting even, or being able to take things into our hands, may we not resort to short cuts, or to desperate measures. For at the end of the day, what is important is our standing before God. Maybe people would say, “the issues are not true, for he is a man of integrity.”

Keep your integrity. For it may be the only thing that preserves you.


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