What do you see?

Posted: September 12, 2014 in psalms

Sight is one of the important senses we have. We are dependent on our sight to help us to where we are going. With our vision, we can see the incoming traffic and we also what we call as “peripheral vision”, or the ones we see beside us even if we are looking forward. The things we see help determines our mood. The things we feed our eyes make us vulnerable or stronger. As for the psalmist, he said…

For your steadfast love is before my eyes,
and I will walk in your faithfulness.
– Psalm 26:3

He chose to look for the steadfast love of God in the everyday situation. How do we do this? Consider when you wake up, be grateful for God’s steadfast love that you still have a bed to sleep in, a room (or a house) where you are staying. That’s actually right before your eyes. Consider the technology we have, our cellphones, that is something we look into every day (to a point of dependency on it!). When you eat the meals which is before your eyes, consider that God’s steadfast love allowed you to be able to eat what other people do not have. It is in the mundane things that we can see God at work. Consider what is before your eyes.

The result of knowing God’s steadfast love is walking in faithfulness. God does not require us to be great, or adored by people. What He requires is walking faithfully. Knowing that God is our provider, that God has blessed us continually, that God is keeping us despite the hardship, the result should be walking faithfully. The Israelites, although they tasted manna from heaven, did not do so. Yet we are not far from the Israelites. Despite the fact that God has been faithful with us, we choose not to be faithful…in our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

If we know God’s steadfast love, the result is to walk faithfully.

So what do you see?


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