my thoughts on Song of Songs

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks), Theology, thought to ponder

The book, Porn Again Christian, by Mark Driscoll is probably the reason why I had an interest on the book of Song of Songs. The author spoke of sex throughout Song of Songs and what certain passages meant. His position is that sex isn’t a sin, so do not sin but have fun in the context of marriage. He also said that the Bible is more liberated on the matter of sex than Bible teachers. (see: Porn Again Christian, p.23)

Personally, I think the book of Song of Songs is more of a process of courtship between a groom and a bride. God is concerned about the physical, and he made us to make love (New Bible Commentary, p.619), but to keep it in balance, it is just one book that spoke of sex out of the sixty-six books. The style of writing is in a poetical form. I’m not really an avid fan of poetry in a sense that reading the book feels weird in imagining what the writer was saying. I meant the descriptions are weird, for example: “I compare you to a mare among Pharaoh’s chariots” (Song 1:9). Here’s my question, who compares a woman to a horse? If I say this out loud, it would be tantamount to an insult but for them, back in their day, this was a compliment. To understand the book, I would have to think beyond myself, to go back to the author’s intent, to ask questions in a perspective of a Hebrew. In the meantime, I could probably draw out lessons, or truths while reading.


The way I see it, the book is a story between Solomon and his bride. I wouldn’t want to go as far as an allegory between Christ and his church, or between God and a Christian, but rather, reading it as a love story between a couple. The lessons I derived from the book is that first, there is a proper time to love (Song 2:7). It should not be stirred unless it is ready. The world would say “go for it” or “push mo yan” but there is a proper time for love. Second, there are consequences when we take each other for granted (Songs 5:2-8). Looking back, I realized that there are times when I am insensitive to the needs of others, that I would take things for granted to a point that I have a lot of regrets, and I am not even in my forties! Third, True love is unquenchable and without a price (Songs 8:6-8). There is no material price for love, no way for love to be purchased, and at the same time, it is passionately unquenchable. I remember the book of Proverbs when it said about not understanding on the way of a man to a virgin (Proverbs 30:19). Indeed, we can’t really explain when a person loves a person, in our vernacular, we call it “na-buang”, or a person really go crazy because of love.

The book of Song of Songs should not be ignored but rather we should read it with the thought that indeed, God is deeply concerned about our love relationship, not just to Him but towards each other. At this point in my life, I am waiting for someone, praying for her. I made a lot of mistakes in the process and I have a lot of regrets, but I am assured that God is sovereign, and God holds her hearts. All I need to do is wait, until the time comes.


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