The struggle of waiting

Posted: September 17, 2014 in psalms
My face while waiting for the image to load when the internet is so slow...

My face while waiting for the image to load when the internet is so slow…

The Bible tells of men who waited, and men who didn’t. Abraham and Sarah was losing faith and in the process, tried to manipulate things into their hands when they were getting old and without an heir. Their impatience cost the modern world the problem between the heirs of Isaac and the heirs of Ishmael (Genesis 16). Saul lost his kingdom long before the incident of not waiting for Samuel and proceeded with the sacrifice that was supposed to be reserved for the prophet (See 1 Samuel 15). Even David reached a point of impatience when he lost faith in waiting upon the Lord and went over to the side of the Philistines, their enemy (1 Samuel 27).

Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!
Psalm 27:14

Waiting can take a toll by causing us to doubt. Is God really going to rescue me from the situation I am in? How long can a man hold on until he gives up? Even the Israelites forgot the miracles when their stomachs grumble and their throats were parched. The psalm is a healthy reminder though.

Wait for the LORD. Am I waiting on God? Or am I waiting for the deliverance to happen, the miracle to come? Am I waiting for the LORD or am I only waiting for the healing, the restoration, the divine intervention? I appreciate what Jon Bloom said…

Sometimes we wait for direction. Sometimes we’re stuck in a very hard place and wait for release. Sometimes we wait to understand his purposes. Sometimes we wait for his provision. Jesus’s timing and purposes are not always clear to us, though they are always best for us. So he wants our faith resting on the rock of his Word and not on the sand of our circumstance. (Not by sight, p127)

Be Strong. It’s hard to stand tall when waiting takes its toll. It’s hard to face the crowd when redemption seems far away. It’s hard to draw strength when personally, I’ve failed to live up to the expectations and now I’m waiting on God on what’s next. The psalmist was saying, draw strength from God while waiting. Not on our own strength, not on our own might but on God’s strength. We can be strong because of his finished work. So while waiting, stand firm. Be strong.

Let your heart take courage. Waiting can cause panic and doubt can be crippling. If you have a journal, this is the time to look back on what God has done in your life. See how many impossible situations God has pulled you through. Believe that God is in control, He is sovereign. Let your heart be settled on what God can do and will be doing.

In following Jesus there are seasons of bewildering inten­sity and seasons of bewildering waiting. He does not want us to panic during either. He is in control of both. When you don’t understand his ways, trust his Word. (Not by sight, p128)

Waiting is challenging. We all go through times like these. Be Strong. Let your heart take courage. Wait for the Lord.


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