Three kinds of fool

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Theology, thought to ponder

Three kind of fools to look out for. The kind of people you would always tend to have a facepalm.

1.) The Mocking Fool. (Luke 23:39 – 40) – a classic case is when the crucified thief mocked Christ as well. He is suffering but he chose to hurl insults at Christ. The Mocking fool may be in pain but still he would choose to continue to mock, attack, treat with ridicule the things of God. The best way to treat these kind of people is to pay no attention to them. They would want to engage you in a debate but aren’t really interested in the truth.

2.) The Rebellious Fool. (Psalm 10:4) – despite the blessings in life, despite the goodness of God, these fools would not repent. They would harden their hearts and would boast in their accomplishments, in their works, in their jobs and in everything that they could boast of. The favorite word is…I, ME, MY, MINE. I did it my way! They would constantly seek people who would look up to them.

3.) The Simple Fool. (Proverbs 14:10) – This kind of fool believes anything that is being thrown at him. From religion to beliefs, he would try everything and usually he allows himself to be swayed by opinion or by peer pressure. Sa tagalog…walang tayo (in Tagalog…one who does not have a stand). The problem with being with this kind of fool is that you allow yourself to go down to their level and begin to think like him.

Proverbs 13:20 states that whoever walks with the wise grows wise. But a companion of fools suffers harm. You want to be successful in life? Surround yourself with people who would help you with your walk with God. Walk with the wise.


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