Posted: September 26, 2014 in psalms

We were in 7-11. I saw a kid who was dirty, smelly and one who we would label as a “vagrant”. He was probably one of the boys who would sniff rugby to get through the day. He came near us and asked if he could eat whatever is left on the chips we were eating. He also tried clearing the mess in the table we were sitting and to be honest about it, my first reaction was to check my things if there is anything he might grab and run. I just came from a small group meeting and I was euphoric because another soul was added to our group. This was supposed to be my moment where I could cool down a bit before heading home. Then I remembered the psalm I read that day…

To you, O Lord, I cry,
and to the Lord I plead for mercy…
Psalm 30:8

Mercy is defined as the disposition to be compassionate or forbearing, to give an act of kindness, compassion and favor. The psalm reminded me that God showed mercy to me even while I was yet a sinner, even when I was not born yet. His very nature is merciful, and that I can cry out to Him, scratch that out, I can plead to Him for mercy. He extended love when I was unworthy.

Then I look at the kid again. That was me. His life was my life before being adopted into His kingdom.

His rags were mine. I am sinful. dirty. broken.

His hunger was what I feel. I just need a lifeline, even for the moment.

So instead of giving coins to shoo him away, this led us to bring him right inside the store. Let him get food, and oh, the joy that he got when he got ice cream.

When we know the mercies of the Father, we can extend that mercy to someone else, even if the person does not deserve it.


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