what would you do if you have a million?

Posted: September 26, 2014 in thought to ponder

I think it would be easy to picture out generosity when we have the resources to do it, however, most of the times, we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t even have enough for ourselves.

Picture out this man. He takes the public transportation. He doesn’t own his own house. He doesn’t ride first class when he travels, and he has a cheap watch in his wrist. He gives away 99% of his income and lives on the 1%. When he gives, he doesn’t even want his name mentioned. His name? Chuck Feeney.

Who is he?

He started the shopping center we know as duty free. He was serving in the US Army for years and started a business to be able to help out others who are in need. He wants to teach the world a lesson:

Don’t wait to give your money away when you’re old or, even worse, dead. Instead, make substantial donations while you still have the energy, connections and influence to make waves.

Chuck Feeney started out just like an ordinary Joe. He is one of the world’s richest man, but chose to give away his wealth instead of making himself richer. While this is a true story, check out what the Bible has to say about generosity. The Macedonian churches gave even when they were extremely poor (ever have the time of nothing to eat and giving out what you have in your plate?) and even pleaded with Paul to be part of the privilege of sharing to the needs in Jerusalem (who was suffering from famine at that time). The church in Macedonia was persecuted yet they gave their all. (See 2 Corinthians 8:1-7)

Here are some lessons we can learn from them.

#1 Giving is a voluntary decision.
We can create a habit of giving joyfully (as opposed to being forced to give) in spite of our trials and our own poverty. I have personally learned that there is no joy in hoarding, all we get from hoarding is the worry that we don’t have enough. Learn to give voluntarily.

#2 Giving is a privilege.
Not everyone is given a chance by God to be able to supply for the needs of the saints. When we are given a chance to give, remember that God is giving us a chance to be part of the work, a chance to participate, hence it is a privilege to give.

#3 Giving is by grace.
God has given us his own son. He didn’t withhold him from us. Christ gave us his own life, the pain, the agony he had to endure, oh what grace did he provided us. Hence, when we think of giving, remember that God himself gave grace when we don’t deserve it.

So the next time you give, give with a smile.


For more information about Chuck Feeney, see the following:




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