The last of the wise men

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Shorts, Theology

It’s almost Christmas. In the Philippines, people start hanging out Christmas stuff such as the tree, the wreath, lanterns and other ornaments when the “ber” month comes. When December approaches, people would be panic buying and traffic would be really bad. The main characters during Christmas would be Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, angels and of course, the wise men. For today’s discussion, let’s look at the wise men (see Matthew 2:1-12) when they were looking for Jesus. There are three important lessons we can learn from them.

#1 Check your motives.
The wise men were not alone in searching for the King. Herod, who was king at this time, was alarmed that the wise men came to visit the King of kings. He was also searching for the child. However, the difference between the wise men and Herod is the motive. The wise men was searching for Jesus so they could worship Him. Herod, on the other hand, was searching for Jesus so he could kill him. This is also similar with our own situation. Are we looking for the King of kings to worship Him or looking for Him because we have other motives such as receiving gifts on Christmas day, being able to ride along the holiday of having no work or class on December? What is our motive when Christmas approaches?

#2 Follow the guide.
God gave the wise men a star to light their way in searching for the King of kings. They were able to travel because of the star, which is the guide, to where Jesus would be. God did not give Herod a guide but Herod was certain that the child will be in Bethlehem because of the prophecies. In the same manner with us today, God gave us a guide in searching for the King of kings. He gave us the Bible, it is in our cellphones, in our homes, practically everywhere except in our hearts. We need to read the guide. We need to follow the instructions to guide us to do what is right. Are we reading the Bible?

#3 They gave gifts.
The wise men, when they found Christ, worshipped Him and gave gifts. They were not the ones expecting something in return. They travelled far just to worship the King of kings. In the same way with us today, we can worship the King of kings anytime, anywhere. What gift are we bringing to the King of kings? How do we worship Him? Do we grudgingly go to church on Sunday or do we serve Him joyfully?

Here’s the thing. We can be the last of the wise men and search for the King to worship Him. We can also be Herod, and think of ourselves. We can be the priests who knew that the Messiah is going to be born but still missing the entire point.

Are you one of the last of the wise men? Search for the King. Worship Him as the Christmas season approaches, and even beyond the season.


This post is adapted from the sermon of Hoytams Miguel, a brother in the Lord serving as a Pastor for the Youth in the Evangelical Free Church, Philippines.


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