Giving your testimony

Posted: October 7, 2014 in psalms

I will thank you in the great congregation,
In the mighty throng I will praise you.
Psalm 35:18

I often view testimonies with a cynical eye. I thought that most people who go up front to tell of their story is either forced to speak, or is sort of ‘showing off’ what God has done. This Psalm speaks of David, praising God even if deliverance has not come yet. He was telling God, ‘I’m going to tell the world about you!’ He was telling God about the enemies and how he was being treated unjustly and what his prayer for them was but this psalm has God in the beginning (contend oh Lord), God in the middle (I will thank you) and God in the end (Great is the Lord).

Reflecting in this passage, I think testimonies are not bad after all. Here are some thoughts on this matter…

1. Testimonies are meant to point people to God. Speak of how great our God is. A powerful testimony focuses on God.

2. Testimonies can be told not only in the privacy of conversations but in the public as well, even if it meant the victory has not arrived yet.

3. Testimonies allow us to build up our faith, and at the same time, encourage others as well.

So how should we respond then?

Write down your experiences, both winning moments and struggling moments.

Tell others about what God has done, or what He is about to do.

In the end, a testimony is not necessarily the conversion experience but rather what God has been doing. So, share your testimony today.


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