Posted: October 12, 2014 in psalms

“O LORD, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am.” Psalm 39:4

I had a yamaha v50 50cc motorcycle. I drove it like I had a supply of unlimited life. My mantra back then was, ‘im already saved, hence if I die, I’d go straight to heaven’. I drove the motorcycle as one who has a death wish. So I met a few accidents. My first one was bumping a car, a red galant. I overtook an overtaking car. The second one was I skidded after hiting a water pipe in Banilad. The third was a head on collision with another car at the intersection in AS Fortuna. The fourth was sliding the motorcycle in an elliptical road in Lapulapu and spinning 360 degrees for four times with the motorcycle, destroying my jeans and jacket. Then I blame the road…it was wet.

If there is one thing the youth doesn’t think of, it’s how fleeting their days are. I lived my life as if I was taunting death. I drove as if tomorrow’s not gonna come. That was then.

Now, I am conscious of my weight, being a frustrated gym enthusiast. I have a love-hate relationship with the gym. I am pushing myself not to eat too much since the holidays are fast approaching. So I’m careful of what I eat (and I’m also a frustrated diet guy as every day is a cheat day!) I drink vitamins, and am conscious of wanting to do healthy living. This is because I know my days are short, and would want to be able to live it fully as opposed to being sickly.

The psalmist, David, reminds me that life is fleeting. We should be aware that it’s not gonna last forever on earth. We should put into mind that our purpose is to glorify God and not ourselves. Let me know how fleeting I am…that I may be conscious of living every moment for You, God. Instead of living as if there is no death, I need to live life purposefully. Knowing that life is short, I need to be aware that every conversation I have with my friends, family and others should be to build up, and not to tear down because at any moment, life is going to ge snatched away. Instead of living in fear and worrying about tomorrow, I am going to live life making each day count.

I then ask myself the question, ‘God, if my time on earth is fleeting, how do You want me to honor You today? How do I glorify your name at work? How am I to make your presence known in my family?’ Knowing that my days are fleeting, I live to make each moment count.


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