Remembering Bohol’s Quake

Posted: October 15, 2014 in thought to ponder

One year ago, Bohol was struck by an earthquake. It became an avenue for Christians to partner with one another as we reach the areas where the earthquake struck the hardest. We saw devastation all over but we also saw churches uniting to help the brethren in Bohol. I was part of a team who went to the frontlines.I still recall that experience because it shaped me in a lot of ways.

First, Faith was exercised. A lot of students thought they would not be able to come back to school, that they would be helping out in the rebuildung efforts, but God sent them back. Twenty two students were able to enroll (bonus story: students from Leyte were blessed with a full tuition in the same school year, it wasn’t limited to Bohol). It was a reminder of who my provider is…God.

Second, it was a way to get out of my comfort zones. It was a transition period for me in a sense I committed to volunteer during the sembreak with OM (operation mobilization), a missions group operating in Cebu. I just went with them not really knowing when I was coming back. It was also a good exposure to know some friends in PCEC (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches) as we went to share the Jesus film in the tent city. At the same time, I was helping out with the coordination of transportation for Victory – Cebu. Looking back, I really didn’t know where I got the contacts, the strength and wisdom, it was just God at work and I was just operating under Him.

Lastly, it was a reminder of how fleeting life is, that we should be conscious in redeeming the time. I was comfortable with my life back then as a pastoral staff doing multimedia work. God removed me from my slumber and reminded me that I am called to ‘GO’, not to be passive. The earthquake jolted me to see that a lot of people need Christ, and we should be telling the need for a Savior in this generation.

As we mark the first year of Bohol’s quake, may we examine our lives, ask questions such as ‘am I still doing what God has called me to be? Am I being faithful in the gifts He has given me? Am I actively seeking out the lost, the dying, the people whom God called me to be with?’Take time to reflect, and do something today.


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