Posted: October 17, 2014 in psalms

“I believe in forever”

Depending on which side are you in, this phrase could mean “forever” in a sense of being with someone you love (oooiii…kilig), or “forever” as in forever alone (bitter much?). The word “forever” is used by a lot of people but really, as finite beings, do we really understand what forever is? The Bible talks about someone who invented forever. He was there before forever began. The psalmist said…

Your throne, O God, is forever and ever…
Psalm 45:6

This verse speaks of God, who is eternal. The dictionary defines eternal as having infinite duration, or continued without intermission. God, having no beginning and no end, is eternal. He is not constrained with time and space. He has no birth date.

What truth can we glean on if God is eternal?

1. We can trust God for our future. He is present before time began, and He is currently involved in our lives. He will be there in our future. Include Him in your struggles (whether it is in your finances, your job, your studies, your future you-have-probably-met-her-already-but-she-doesn’t-like-you-now soon to be partner in life. Trust God for your future)

2. We can respond in worship for He is powerful. Worship in a sense that we can serve, we can sing, we can give Him the glory, or giving Him “worth-iness”. Acknowledge His presence in our lives, in our circumstances. Learn how to interact with others and get to know God through His Word (The Bible), Talk to Him (through Prayer).

3. We can rest knowing that eternity is secure with Him. I can sleep at night knowing that He is in control of everything. Like a child who knows that the Father has plans, has ideas I am not aware of but I just can trust Him that He’s going to fulfill all the promises He made. Don’t be anxious or worry because He knows what is going on.

Thank God He is eternal. Thank God that even if He is king, we can approach his throne anytime.

I believe in forever. 🙂


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