Jonah. Part I.

Posted: October 17, 2014 in thought to ponder, TLCC

The story of Jonah is always associated with the whale. The book of Jonah isn’t really about a preacher who is running away, or the fish that swallowed him. The book of Jonah is about the God of second chances. For even if we have read the story over and over, we are after all, in the shoes of Jonah today. Consider the following…

#1 We are running away from God.

Jonah ran away from God. We are running away from God. Jonah was given a call to preach to Nineveh and he didn’t want to do it. He thought he could avoid his call, pretend it doesn’t exist, or just simply go elsewhere. We are given a call to “go and make disciples”, the question is…”are we doing what God commanded?” We make excuses like “I’m not ready”, “I’m not equipped enough”, “that’s not really my job”, “I’m busy”, “I’m a student”, and a lot more. We are running away from our call. We are running away from God.

Some of us do not even have a relationship with God yet. Every step we do is going farther from God when we don’t follow our call.

#2 Sin’s way is always going down.

First Jonah went down to Joppa.
Then he went down into the ship.
Then he went down into the sea.
Then he went down into the fish’s belly.
Then he went down into the deep.
(Greg Laurie, A Fresh Look at the Book of Jonah, p29)

Sin doesn’t start out as a big thing. It starts small, one step down. It’s the little compromises, the concessions we make each day. Then one day, it’s too late. We are down into the deep.

#3 God is the one who brings the winds in our lives.

He uses the strong winds to get our attention back. He makes us know who is in charge, who is in control. He does this to bring us back. He corrects us, puts us in a situation where we have no one except Him. It makes us turn our attention back to Him.

#4 We, the church, is asleep in the time of the storm!

The world is crying out to different gods, to whatever they think can save them from the storms of life but we are asleep. We are located in a city yet we are not doing our job of telling people about Christ. We go into our schools, our offices, our classrooms, our families, but we are asleep when it comes to doing our job as Light-bearers, and we are pretending to be alive when we are dead (Rev. 3:1)

Now what?

We need to come back to God. He is a God of second chances. His plans doesn’t change. We need to come to a point of surrender, turn back, and obey. Go and make disciples. Don’t wait for God to bring storms in your life before you obey, for at the end of the day, no one wins an argument with God.

  1. Alden says:

    Amen 🙂

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