Short Attention Span

Posted: October 21, 2014 in psalms

I have the attention span of a gold fish. You see, I easily get distracted. Put it in the context of a classroom, one moment, I am listening to the teacher, the next thing I know, I’m looking outside the window, wondering what kind of bird landed in a tree nearby. Then I see the unique formation of the clouds, it seems like a mouse…no, it looks like a rabbit. Then the teacher suddenly calls me to read and I totally lost where we were.

In the context of a Sunday service, I would start of with a good mindset, focused on worshipping the Lord. Then I come into the church grounds, I notice the heat. It makes me sweat. Then I notice the time, it’s five minutes after ten, they have not come up the stage yet. Then I notice something else such as the clothes of the worship leader, or the hairdo or whatever I see in front. Oh I also noticed the wrong spelling in the lyrics. Then I notice the wrong pronunciation, and really…I’m such a mess when it comes to focusing on what is really important.

Am I alone in this?

I remember the Israelites. I find myself being able to relate to them. God just took them out of Egypt and showed His power through the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire, and that red sea parting? Wow…that was amazing. But they too had the attention span of a gold fish. They would complain and tell Moses that they were better off in Egypt.


The whip was better? The abuses were ok?


We have the same situation as the Israelites. After God wows us with His power, His awesomeness, we slide back to forgetting what He has done. Even in worship. We forget how great the Father’s love is. That is why the psalmist said…

We have thought on your steadfast love, O God,
in the midst of your temple.
Psalm 48:9

When we enter the sanctuary (or church grounds, whatever you call it), think of God’s steadfast love. we can direct our thoughts on God and not on the sides, or the band, or the music. Think of what God has done in our lives.

What did He do for you this week? What challenges did God help you out today? Think of it.

Talk about the steadfastness of God’s love. That means, Constant. Reliable. Something we can count on.

And when our eyes wonder, close it. Then think of God’s love.

Think about His love.
Think about His goodness.
Think about His grace.
that brought us through.
For as high as the heavens above
so great is the measure of our Father’s love…


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