Like our dogs, we age and weaken, and die…

Posted: October 22, 2014 in psalms

We aren’t immortal. We don’t last long.
Like our dogs, we age and weaken, and die.
Psalm 49:20, The Message

Sounds like a line from a Quentin Tarantino flick more than a line from the psalm, isn’t it?

In this psalm (read the entire Psalm 49 to understand this better), which is addressed to everyone (rich and poor alike), the issue of death is brought up. The whole idea can be summed up as…

The rich and the poor will die.
So does the wise and the foolish.

It is indeed futile to pile up riches, or chase after one education after another. Does this mean I would advice the youth to be lazy, chill out and forget their education?

Of course not!

The psalm is a reminder to those chasing after wealth, or those who are so driven to succeed in wisdom that the goal in life is to honor God. Not to chase after wealth, which by the way comes from God, or seek wisdom, which still comes from God.

The psalm is a reminder not to be envious of the rich and famous, because they are mortals who die at the end. My brother once said…

It is much easier to cry when you have a Lamborgini.

Probably (I haven’t tried crying in a lambo though) but the pain is there and the bill would still be there. Still, the psalmist was correct in saying that at the end, everyone weakens…and die. No amount of anti-aging methods, nor supplements, nor exercise can stop death.

So how do we make our life count?

Invest in things that has eternal value. Spend time with God, who is eternal. Develop relationship with the One who holds your future. My dad once said…

If you don’t enjoy God on earth,
you won’t enjoy God in heaven either.

So put your focus in things that count for eternity. If you are working, work for the Lord and not for man (or for the wealth). If you are a student, study not for the recognition (or the discount you get when you are in the dean’s list) but study to honor God.

Thinking of our fragility, of how short life is can make us get our focus on Him who holds eternity.

In summary, I am reminded of a hymn (or was this a quote?) ..

Only one life,
‘Twil soon be past;
Only what’s done
for Christ will last.


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