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Growing up in Sunday school, one of the verses we get to memorize is Genesis 1:1.

Later on, we tend to just get by with this verse and really not think about it. We know God is the creator, but we are challenged in our campuses regarding the reality of it. We know that God is eternal, but we have the question of “is there really life after death?” We know that God is present but still we could cheat in our exams as if He doesn’t see us do it. The hard part is really when theology meets reality. For theology is all in the head, but it is useless unless we get to practice it.

So going back to Genesis 1:1…

In the beginning.

We could ask ourselves, beginning of what? In Science, we call this the beginning of a) TIME, b) SPACE, and c) MATTER. See, this is where The Bible and Science can come hand in hand. There is a beginning. We could all agree to that. Life did not start in the middle of a story. It began somewhere. The Earth didn’t just come out of the blue. It began somewhere. We could agree to that. Prior to the Creation, there was no time. There was no way we could ask how long it was as time is non-existent. There was no matter. Before everything else, before the speck of dust came about, there was nothing. There was no space. Nothing that occupied an area.


God was there in the beginning. He is eternal (meaning…He lives forever), He does not have a beginning or an end. He existed even before anything else. No one created God. He created not because He was bored or lonely, He didn’t need anything to satiate His existence.


He is the only one who can create out of nothing. God created. If we want to argue about the Big Bang Theory, put it this way…how did the tiny dust and bit pieces come about? There must be someone who placed it there. Also, try to create something out of an explosion and see for yourself if you could form something randomly. Something so vast and beautiful. There must be a creator. Someone must have an idea in mind when the planets were shaped, when the earth was formed. God created. He is that awesome.

the heavens….

Going back to science, we learn of the following: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere. We also have the solar system. We have the sun and the moon and the stars. We have the milky way and even beyond. God created them. That’s simply not out of random stuff.

…and the earth.

While the Bible speak of heavens in a plural sense, it spoke of the earth in a singular sense. Do we have proof of life in other planets? I guess not. It’s all theoretical in nature. Are aliens existent? If they are fallen angels, probably. Here’s the thing. The earth is the only inhabitable planet in our solar system. Is there another earth? Only God knows but in the Bible, there is only one earth. Singular.

So now what?

Genesis Question

First, If God is creator, we are just borrowers. Stewards. We acknowledge that all we have is God’s property, not ours. All we have is just borrowed. Our time is borrowed. Our resources are borrowed. Our skills, our talents are just borrowed. We have to use it for God’s glory.

Second, If God is creator, he has the right to do with the creation. We can’t destroy what God created. We can’t just be irresponsible with our trash, with the things we have. We have to surrender to God what is rightfully his, in the first place. Learn to be responsible with God’s creation. Whenever we call names at other people, remember that we are insulting the Creator, not just the creation. Whenever we feel like we are incompetent, stupid or incapable, remember that we are God’s creation, He created us exactly for something. Now, when we don’t know our purpose, we can go back to God, and ask Him! He is the creator.

Lastly, Creation issue is central to the Christian life. Ask the question, “Who are you responsible to?”

With these in mind, may we not just treat Genesis 1:1 lightly. May we ponder on the word and reflect on it and apply it in our lives…today.

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