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Posted: November 15, 2014 in Theology, TLCC

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Acts is a book about the early church. They were in the process of organizing within, setting the example for the rest of us to follow. See how God moves. Here’s the question, who is God in the book of Acts? If God moved in the book of Acts, does He still do the same things today?

At this point, I strongly suggest we read through the Acts 3:1 – 4:22 before we proceed. Two things we look for when we read through the Bible. Look for a) Who is God in the picture and b) How can I apply this truth in my life today (as in right now).

Three things we can learn about Jesus and how we can apply it in our lives.

#1 Jesus the healer (Acts 3:1-10)
Peter and John went about their normal routine. Going to the temple to pray. I guess this teaches us as believers, we ought to have the habit of prayer too. But instead of praying alone, come with a prayer partner, a friend, someone you trust. In a small group setting, it is good to make ourselves vulnerable to a point that we can pray for one another.

Now, Peter and John met a man who was lame from birth. They healed him in the name of Jesus. Does Jesus still heal sick people today? The answer to that is yes. For Jesus heals us when we pray, and He answers in two ways. Sometimes, He heals temporarily, that is healing on earth but sometimes, He heals us permanently…letting us return home to Him in a place where there is no more pain, no more sickness, no more sorrow, no more hospital bills, and IVs, and tubes, and nurses and doctors. Don’t be afraid to pray for the sick. Don’t be afraid to ask God to heal us. But at the same time, be prepared if the healing is temporary or permanent.

After healing the man, we can look at his response. He was WALKING, and LEAPING, and PRAISING GOD. Look at how he responded. When God answers our prayers, when we pray for a lifetime partner, or a business deal, or an exam that we want to pass, or whatever concern we pray about, and God answers it, we can ask ourselves…how do we respond? Can we respond in the same way as the man who was lame from birth? You see, it is impossible for a person to remain unchanged when Christ is in his/her life. Our response when God moves should be the same…we can leap with joy. We can worship.

We can also look at the response of the people. When they saw what happened, they were filled with wonder and amazement. Sometimes, the best way to share the good news to people is to share what God has done in our lives. Think about it. What has God done in your life recently? Talk about it with your friend, your office mate, your neighbor. It would be a sight when they saw the impossible being done in your life. (Sometimes, we feel like nothing is happening in our lives…if that’s the case, ask God…talk to Him!)

#2 Jesus the Son of God (Acts 3:11-16)
Now when the people came running to them, Peter used this moment as an opportunity to talk about Jesus, the Son of God. He went back to history, connecting what they (the people) know about God and connecting it with Christ. One of the things we are to look upon is the resurrection. For without it, all our small group, Bible studies, Sunday gathering, is useless without the resurrected Christ.

Jesus Christ has risen. So what does it mean to us?

The resurrection puts us into a position that we are not powerless, that we have overcome the world. The feeling of frustration, annoyance, tiredness, the feeling of “I can’t do it”, the feeling of “I’m so sinful I can’t volunteer myself”, or “I’m not equipped enough”, or “I lack the training”, is now down the drain because the resurrection meant He has overcome, and we too have the same power that is at work with the apostles! It it the same power that we use to go and do God’s work! If we believe in the resurrection, then we can attempt great things for God!

Resurrection is a vital issue to the Christian faith.

#3 Jesus the Savior (Acts 3:17-4:4)
Jesus saves. Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Here’s the catch, we have to repent. When we tell others the good news, we must as well tell them the bad news. We are sinners. We are in need of a Savior. Let us not forget that God is not only a God of love, but He is also a God who hates sin. He cannot tolerate sin. So we need to repent before restoration can begin.

Repentance is a must. Sharing the good news is to tell the bad news as well.

What happened next? Five thousand were added to their number that day. These men, who were unschooled, ordinary men, were used by God over one incident to reach thousands. We can use our stories, our testimonies, of how God move in our lives. Share it with your friend, with your office mate, with your neighbor. Be intentional. Allow God to use you as a vessel to reach others into knowing Christ, our Healer, the Son of God, our Savior.


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