What I feel about gift – giving

Posted: November 17, 2014 in thought to ponder

Christmas is just around the corner. In the Philippines, Christmas is one of the most awaited season as we prepare four months in advance (when the BER month approaches, we start counting towards Christmas day). It is good to receive something on Christmas day, and it is also good to give something to someone and feel good when they thank us or compliment us about it. Here’s something we need to be reminded of.


Sometimes, we feel so good when people start thanking us for the gifts we gave. It feels good for the ego. Remember to return the glory to the one who gave the ability to produce wealth. When you receive a thank you or a compliment, say “welcome” and when you go home, acknowledge God, return the compliment to God by talking to Him and thank Him for the ability to produce wealth (and giving gifts to others as well).

When we are in the receiving end, on the other hand, accept the gift and thank God for allowing the giver to remember us, say “Thank you” to the giver and then let us not feel bad when we are at the receiving end. Sometimes, we feel like we want to refuse a gift specially when we know that the giver worked hard for the gift, or is not in a good financial capacity. Refusing to receive a gift is a form of pride that we refuse grace to flow in the lives of others. There are appropriate times to refuse a gift, but that could be discussed in another thread.

So yeah…if we are the givers, acknowledge that it is God who gives the ability for us to be givers. If we are the receipients, receive the gift, thank God and the giver and learn to appreciate what God has given.

After all, it is He who gives the ability to produce wealth.


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