Of Anger and breaking teeth…

Posted: November 18, 2014 in psalms

It’s graphic when the psalmist describe the wicked in Psalm 58.

(v3) estranged from birth
(v4) venom of a serpent and deaf like an adder.

But how the psalmist reacts is even more surprising…

(v6) break their teeth
(v7) let them vanish
when he aims, let them be blunted

(v8) let them be like the snail
let them not see the sun

Have we come to a point where we are so angry that we want a person dead? That’s too much anger isn’t it? The point of the psalm is this, when you’re angry, talk to God. When you come to a point of exhaustion with the people who deals harshly with you, who talks behind your back, who spread lies and more lies, who have nothing to do but to put you down, go talk to God. That’s what the psalmist did.


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