Songs for a grieving soul…

Posted: November 18, 2014 in thought to ponder
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As a pastor, it is one of our pastoral duties to attend to the grieving members of a family of the deceased. It’s hard to come up with words to comfort other than what Scriptures tell us about coming home, that is, leaving the temporary body behind for eternal glory. I was asked what songs would I play if it was my funeral, and really, it made me think. What songs would you recommend? Here’s my lineup

You Never Let Go…this would remind us that even in spite of the pain, in spite of what we are going through, in spite of death, God still holds us.

Save a place for me…I’ll be there soon! It is with comfort that we are going to see each other soon, for eternity.

Another song that struck me was “With Hope” by Steven Curtis Chapman. This song reminds me that yes, we can cry, we can grieve, but it is with hope because of the finished work of Christ.

This one is an old song. But yeah…one day, I’m gonna fly away to glory.

The last one is a toss up between Mandisa and Kerrie Roberts’ Finally Home. But I think Mandisa’s song would be more appropriate, seeing heaven in the eyes of someone who has gone home ahead of us.


as a bonus, I would put Temporary Home in the list. We’re just passing through. A stop to where we are going.

So here’s my lineup, care to share yours?


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