Four ways we steal God’s glory

Posted: November 21, 2014 in devotionals

It is so easy to steal the glory from God. It is not surprising when we, even as Christians, would have bigger egos when the event we do surpassed expectations, draw a crowd, or if we accomplished something beyond ourselves. In the case of John the Baptist, he would continue to remind himself (and others in the process) that everything we do must come to a point that He (Christ) increase, and we decrease.


Put it this way. At the end of an event, is Christ lifted up or did we make ourselves known? Did people notice our effort(s) or was Christ the central focus of the event? Did we honor God through our actions, our words, our thoughts, or was I so glad we filled the entire room to a point of no one can sit and I feel so good about a cramped room?

We steal the glory from God when we…

#1 Think and say “this is my show”.

When an event becomes a show, or an avenue for entertainment instead of worship, when we create avenues to bring people in and think of the event more than God’s name, we steal the glory from God.

#2 act as if “this is the work of my hands”.

We all have skills and talents. In an event, we may come to a point of saying, “I invited that group” or “the plan we did and it’s execution was my idea” or “I contributed this much”, forgetting that it is God who gave the skills and talents to make things possible, we steal the glory from God.

#3 look smug and get contented with the numbers game.

There is always the danger of relaxing when we meet a certain number for a youth group. It feels good to have a lot of people but lest we forget, we are not called for the numbers game, we are called for discipleship, to go and make disciples. We steal the glory from God when we feel we did our role instead of acknowledging that it is God who changes hearts, we are after all, messenger boys (and girls).

#4 Focus on the event instead of winning souls.

We can be so engrossed in making the event successful that we lose focus on the reason why we created an event. We steal the glory from God when we are more concerned about the happenings rather than being sensitive on what God is doing.

So yeah…be conscious that in everything that we do, He must increase while I must decrease. Take an effort to lift Christ while we can go out in oblivion. After all, we are just servants doing our duty.


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