Who is Melchizedek?

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks), Theology
After whopping some serious butt, Abe offers tithes to Melchi.

After whopping some serious butt, Abe offers tithes to Melchi.

The questions were asked. Who is Melchizedek? What significance does the blessing towards Abraham imply? What would it mean if Abraham gave him a tenth of the spoils? What does it mean if “he had no geneology”?

Melchizedek was a King of Salem, and a priest of God Most High (Gen. 14:18). His name comes from two Hebrew words, melek and tsedeq, which means “king” and “righteousness” (Strong’s concordance #H4442). It is also interesting to take note that the city on which he inhabits is Salem, which means “peace” (Strong’s concordance #H8004). With this in mind, Melchizedek is king of righteousness and peace.

Melchizedek bestowed blessings upon Abraham in the name of “God Most High”, and credited Abraham’s victory to God. This is important because Melchizedek extended friendship in a sense that they believed in the same God, despite the fact that they were surrounded by idolatrous nations. Melchizedek was not a Jew, or not a descendant from the line of Aaron, in which the priesthood of Israel could trace their line. This is significant because we, who are Gentiles like Melchizedek, are now allowed to be priests who can come into the presence of God. Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything meant he recognized the priesthood of Melchizedek and the assumption is that Abraham acknowledged that Melchizedek ranks higher spiritually than himself.

Hebrews 7:3 states that “Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever.” The question we have is if the author meant this verse to be figuratively or literally. If it was figuratively, then it meant that the statement is saying Abraham met a mysterious person, in which the silence of the book of Genesis serves the purpose of linking Melchizedek with Christ. On the other hand, if it has a literal meaning, then Abraham did meet the pre-incarnated Christ and gave honor to Jesus himself.



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