An open letter to my home church (BBF)

Posted: December 2, 2014 in BBF, thought to ponder


Not many would be given the same privileges as I have, and I would take this time to say some things I probably should have said out in the open. And what is more open than the internet?

Thank you. For teaching SOUND DOCTRINE. For A year and five months of my stay in the halls of the church, I listened and studied the messages Sunday after Sunday, and honestly, I am stretched and challenged with every preaching. There are days when I feel like going against what was being said in the pulpit, and there are days when my heart struggles with the application, but at the end, God wins. Thank you that you don’t shy away with truth.

Thank you. For the CHRIST-CENTERED WORSHIP. I noticed that there are times when the lyrics are changed, as in really changed, not the way I knew it was sang but rather making the lyrics become something that is theologically correct, and still relevant for today.

Thank you. For the LOVING CORRECTION. There are times when I sin, when I fall short of expectations, when in my depravity I do offend people, through my words, or actions, and I am grateful for the correction. That you would correct me gently, and restore me, and allow that I continue with the call. You acknowledge my calling and allow me to go on despite my frailties.

Thank you. For the DISCIPLESHIP. For allowing me to be part of a group. For welcoming me into your homes and allowing me to express my thoughts as well as teaching me about God, about His word, His attributes, and other lessons in life.

Thank you. For being RELEVANT. I have never felt isolated, or alone in ministry, in school, in life, and I have felt that lessons are something I can use immediately in my life.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, BBF. You have treated me like a son, even if there are times I feel I’d rather be elsewhere, but as a family, you allowed room for growth, and a door to always come back to.Thank you for being Christ-like. May we all grow more from one another.

Your son in the faith,


BBF (Banawa Bible Fellowship) is located in R. Duterte Street, Banawa, Cebu City.
For more information on how to get there, kindly click here.


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