James. Summarized.

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks), Theology
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If you read the book of Proverbs, chances are you would feel comfortable with reading the book of James. It felt similar to the book of Proverbs as it talks about godly behavior rather than simply theoretical knowledge. The author wanted his readers to be uncompromisingly obedient to the Word of God. Going through the book, one would see the idea of works and godly behavior.

James started off with writing about the test of faith, that followers of Christ should expect to be tested and in response, should persevere in the midst of suffering and temptation, in short, standing firm in the word of God by putting our faith into action. James then connects faith and works, that one goes with the other, that it is useless to have faith without works. He speaks of everyone as a sinner and whoever breaks one law is actually breaking the entire law. He talks about our sinfulness specially with our tongues, that indeed, no one has tamed the tongue. He then gives instructions to the believers. A true believer will have a desire to follow God through dependence on God, by enduring patiently, by being truthful and through prayer. He mentioned prayer seven times in his book, which means it is indeed important to pray. He ended with emphasizing true faith and a call to return if we have strayed.


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