1 Peter in a nutshell

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks), Theology
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The Apostle Peter, the disciple of Jesus, wrote to the believers in a time of great persecution. This was the time when Nero burned Rome and focused the blame on the Christians. The letter was written around 64 – 65 AD probably in Rome. The purpose of the letter was to teach believers how to live victoriously in spite of the hostile environment that they are in. In fact, the theme of the letter is how to live an obedient and victorious life under persecution.

Three things to remember when reading 1 Peter. First, we need to remember our great salvation (1 Peter 1:30-2:10), that we have the certainty of our future inheritance and the consequence of it as well. Second, we need to remember our example before men (2:11-4:6). We are to live honorably before unbelievers as well as to the believers and live honorably in the midst of suffering. Lastly, we need to remember our Lord will return (4:7-5:11). In retrospect, we have a responsibility to stay focused on living on this earth, but we do so with our dignity and honor intact. We know that the rewards for suffering for Christ is incomparable to what we will be undergoing here on earth. We look forward to the day that Christ will return because He will return in victory.

The letter of Peter teaches us about persevering in persecution. Though we may not exactly have the same persecution as they did, may we not lower our guard but instead, live in the knowledge that our Lord is coming soon.


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