Questions to ask before you marry

Posted: December 20, 2014 in thought to ponder
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Here are a few questions to consider if you are considering someone (for marriage or for dating). 🙂


  1. Are you both grounded in Bible doctrine?
  2. Can you freely discuss your spiritual convictions?
  3. Do you pray aloud with one another?
  4. Do you memorize Scripture together?
  5. Are there any serious differences in your spiritual concepts?
  6. Do you agree on a church?
  7. If one is called to “full time” Christian service, will the other support this?
  8. How much will you give to the Lord’s work?
  9. Are you both concerned with ministering to the Lost?
  10. Do you both want to serve the Lord in a local church?
  11. If either of you would be chosen to a local church committee, would the other be jealous of the time spent?
  12. Do you agree to raise your children in a spiritual environment?
  13. Do you both desire to develop your gifts as outlined in Romans 12?
  14. Do you enjoy fellowshipping with other Christians?
  15. Are you both interested in missions, and would you like to have missionaries in your home?


  1. Is your relationship on an equal spiritual plane?
  2. Are your family backgrounds similar in culture? Traditional educational and social status?
  3. Do you agree on career choices?
  4. Do you agree on moral values, and have your past experiences been equally moral?
  5. Are you listening to your parents observations?
  6. Do you share common likes and dislikes in recreation? Entertainment? Sports? Friends?
  7. Do you enjoy one another’s appearance? Sense of humor? Attitude toward life? Achievement? Personality? Emotions? Habits of cleanliness?
  8. Are you social or withdrawn? A night person or a day person?
  9. Can you get along with your future mate’s parents without conflict?
  10. Do you agree on family traditions concerning Christmas and other holidays? Family reunions?
  11. Do you basically agree on political convictions?
  12. Do you enjoy the same types of entertainment, music, TV, foods?
  13. What are your spending habits? Are you both willing to save?
  14. What are your short range and long range goals?
  15. Do you agree on the geographical location of your permanent residence?

If you have more NO than YES answers, could you overlook these differences during a lifetime together?


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