Even when things are uncertain

Posted: December 22, 2014 in devotionals
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Things are starting to bother me. Seriously. Looking at how my year (2014) ended up, I felt like I could have done more but wasn’t able to do so anyway. However, I realized that feelings are not to be trusted. For we may feel certain things towards what is happening, but ultimately, God is sovereign. He is in control. My feelings are not in charge here. It’s really never about how I feel.

Habakkuk 3:17-18

The prophet, Habbakuk, was speaking to the Israelites that in spite of the distressing times, they can rejoice. In the LORD. They can take joy. For God is someone who saves.

With this in mind, I take heart. I know that even in the uncertainties of life, I can choose to rejoice. For being joyful is a choice. Choosing where to place my joy is a choice. Choosing to take joy in God is a conscious decision that we should have.

Even if things are uncertain.

Choose to rejoice.

(Editor’s note: The verse is translated from the way I understood it.)


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