Bible reading and jogging

Posted: January 1, 2015 in thought to ponder
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This shoes has been part of my journey in 2014, it helped me get in shape. :)

This shoes has been part of my journey in 2014, it helped me get in shape. 🙂

I started my year by going out early in the morning and sweating it out by running around an area known as a jogging spot. I was struck by the similarities between jumpstarting Bible reading and jogging. Here’s some of them…

#1 Discipline
It takes discipline to stick to the routine of Bible reading. It also takes discipline to jumpstart the routine of jogging. It takes discipline to keep doing something that is monotonous at times, but we just have to do it. There would be times of wilderness experience when we read our Bibles, but we just have to be disciplined enough to do it in the same way when we feel monotonous in jogging, we just have to run the track even if it feels endless.

Talking of discipline, this leads me to the second point…

#2 Just do it! One step at a time. (Just do it, one chapter at a time)
Jogging requires lifting one foot, let it land, then lift the other foot, let it land, until you go around. In the same way with Bible reading, just open your Bible. Read one chapter, then another. Just do it. Don’t just think of it. Get your Bible and start reading.

Which is good when you also…

#3 Plan it.
I usually start with a plan. For starters, I would just walk for five minutes, jog for another five, then walk again, jog again. That’s day one. The plan is to keep on jogging for the next thirty days while alternating with a bike on other days. In the Bible reading plan, I plan to do one chapter a day, then you could choose between the Old Testament first (I recommend the Psalms), then as the routine goes, add one chapter from the New Testament. For Bible reading plans, I recommend this site.

While it is good to plan, it is also best to do it with…

#4 a Buddy System.
Jogging seems monotonous. When I jog, I also would do it with someone, look for someone I can jog with. This means jogging around but at the same time, when I am walking, talking to someone. This could be done with friends or the youth group. In the same way, We can do Bible reading alone (as in our quiet time) but we can also do it with someone we can be acountable to. We can share it with our friends and make the Bible reading plan as a group. That way, we could encourage one another and support one another on days when laziness strikes.

Lastly, we can also…

#5 Check for results.
Check your progress every now and then. Look at the weighing scale if you are improving or not. See how long can you run without stopping. In Bible reading, you can also look at the results internally. Are there any changes in your life? Where there things were you improve? Hows your temper? How did that help you from your relationship with others? While we are not being legalistic, the thing is that Bible reading helps us with our walk because the word of God changes us when God moves in our lives.

What other similarities can you get from reading the Bible and jogging?


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