Family Tree

Posted: January 7, 2015 in thought to ponder
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Read: Matthew 1:1-17

I gave the Bible reading plan and then was struck with the first one. Geneology. In our culture (Filipino culture for that matter), It is really hard to know the importance of geneology. Let me elaborate on this.

As a preacher, people would usually introduce me as a pastor of a church, a student of a school or what job description I currently hold. Indeed, most presiders would talk about the accomplishment of an individual as an introduction. However, in the case of a missionary in Africa, it was different. He was introduced as the son of so and so, tracing his lineage back. And why is this important? I’m getting to my point.

Jesus was introduced as the son of David. This one would struck the Israelites. For David is someone they look up to. He is considered as the greatest king Israel ever had. The lineage of Jesus didn’t stop there. He was also the son of Abraham. For a lot of people, including the Muslims, this is someone who is really important for Abraham is the father of the faith of both Jews and Muslim. Thus, the geneology serves not just an opening but seeing the credentials of an individual…in this case, Jesus Christ.

Geneology validates the authority of the Individual. Indeed, Jesus had the authority because of his ancestry.


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