What are you holding on to?

Posted: January 12, 2015 in devotionals
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Read: Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus Christ went on a fast for 40 days, and at the end of his fast, the devil went to tempt Him. Here is one observation I learned regarding the temptation…

Jesus used Scriptures to counter every temptation.

There was no positive thinking involved. There was no “I can do this” attitude. It was simply getting back to Scriptures and responding through the Scriptures. I think we can also have the same attitude when we face trials or temptations. We can go back to the Scriptures and trust in what God tells us. If He promised us something, He will fulfill it. When He said “I will never leave you”, He is with us in the times of suffering as well.

I am reminded of a quote I got from our disciplers’ meeting, it is a timely reminder whenever I feel things are overwhelming.


Indeed, God allows us to go through a time of temptation (or suffering for that matter), but He is still in control, and He is still God. We just have to trust Him as we go through the testings.


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