Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends (and what I learned from it!)

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Films
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Eto ang Panday na Hapon! 🙂

Was watching the film and really, the pastor in me kicked in. (it’s like writing a reaction paper! hahaha!)

#1 A man must willing to die to self.

Di ko ibibigay ang magic sing sayo!

In a scene where Kenshin was talking to his mentor, His teacher told him that if he wants to be able to beat the antagonist (Shishio), he must be willing to die.

Our Master once told us that we need to die to self. Check out Luke 9:23.

#2 Hatred can be a motivation, but it also would consume everything you hold close.

Ituro mo na kasi kung saan mo tinago ang cellphone ko!!!

When Aoshi was planning on taking on the Battousai, he was so consumed with his hatred and his need for revenge. In the process, he was responsible in the death of the leader of his clan as well as breaking his relationship with Misao. Hatred (or intense anger, for that matter) can really be so consuming that it makes a man be so blinded.

The Bible speaks about not being entangled with people who are easily angered. Check out Proverbs 22:24-25.

#3 When you know what’s precious to you, you’d fight for it.

tinirhan pa kita ng ulam. Gutom ka na ba? 🙂

The entire movie (actually even the first two installments) revolved around how our protagonist wanted to protect the people whom he loved, and in order to do protect them, he must be able to remove the antagonists in the picture. In fact, one of the themes of the movie is the love story between Kenshin and Kaoru. He was fighting not only for Japan, but for the future of Kaoru (and the friends, of course!)

How many of us would really consider our relationship with Christ worth fighting for? Do we really love Christ to a point we can tell people…

Walang bastusan ng mahal. (Don’t insult the one I love.)

I think I’ll just stop here for now. Overall, it is a good film but indeed, it’s not suitable for young audiences because of the violence and the language. Feel free to share your favorite quotes from the movie if you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂


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