When doubt comes…

Posted: February 3, 2015 in devotionals
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There are times when we get tired or weary, where we come to a point of thinking, “is it still worth it?” Specially in a church, sometimes, we get frustrated because we can’t really see progress. What is the measurement for faith? Can people say, “hey, he gained 5 kilos of faith!” or “I see you’ve been gaining faith“. There really is no way to measure growth except between the person and God. Even the external stuff can be doctored or tailored to fit.

Here’s the point that I’m driving at.

Even if we can’t measure faith, a person who is rooted in Christ will have growth…Or changes for that matter. It is impossible to be in Christ and remain unchanged.

Read: Matthew 11:1-19

The story of John the Baptist in prison is particularly a sad one. He stayed in prison and was somehow overcoming doubts. Why did Jesus not save him? Why was he allowed to suffer in prison? John the Baptist then sent his disciples to ask Jesus.

The reply of Jesus was somehow, what John needed to hear.

The blind receive their sight…
The lame walk…
lepers are cleansed…
the deaf hear…
the dead are raised up…
the poor have the good news preached to them.

John got the message. God is in full control. Jesus is doing the will of the Father and is in sync with God’s schedule.

How does this message relate to us?

When we feel low or tired, we can look at what God is doing. When we are trapped in our own prison of doubts, we can listen to what Jesus is doing. When our faith is wavering, the Lord exhorts and encourages us.

Who do you run to when you’re feeling low?

Who do you listen to when things are not going your way?


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