Even the best fall down sometimes…

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks), Numbers, Theology
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When we disobey, we sin and we suffer the consequences. In the case of Moses (Numbers 20), the instruction of God to him was pretty simple: take the staff and speak to the rock to yield water. Let’s examine what Moses did and the consequence of his sin.

First, Moses claimed what was supposed to be God’s work. He said: ‘shall WE bring water for you out of this rock?’ (Num. 20:10, emphasis mine). Instead of acknowledging that it was from the Lord, Moses was taking credit for the miracle.
Second, Moses lifted his hand and struck the rock twice (Num. 20:11). The instruction was to speak, not to strike. Hitting the rock twice meant that it was intentional and not accidental. Similar to the court of law, when a person fires a gun, the first shot could be defensive but the next one is with intent. The question I have is why did God instruct Moses to bring the staff with him when he was just to speak to the rock. Still, Moses was in error when he disobeyed a direct order.
Now because of what Moses did, he paid dearly for it. God charged Moses with a) unbelief, b) with not upholding the holiness of God (Num. 20:12) or what I term as “misrepresentation.” The consequence was that Moses was not allowed to lead the Israelites into the promised land. As a leader, Moses violated a direct command. He also misrepresented God to the people. God would not allow His name to be tarnished. We, who call ourselves Christians, should be careful with how we represent God. We carry His name and thus we should live carefully to protect His name.
Although God didn’t let Moses get into the promise land, He allowed Moses to have a bird’s eye view, that is to see the land from a distance (Deut. 34:1-8). Moses didn’t have to be in the land because the presence of God is enough. Moses saw where the people of Israel was going to stay, but he was far more secure in where God is. He saw, from afar, that God is indeed a promise keeper. He led the Israelites, by faith,  until the border. However, God has a plan in mind, for Moses, and for Israel.
I pray that we would focus more on God, rather than the blessings He could (and will) bring. Our eyes may be focused on the giver of the promise, rather than the promise in itself. May we be content in being joyful in God’s presence, and at the same time, mindful, in keeping His name from being tarnished.

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