One Armed Judo

Posted: March 13, 2015 in thought to ponder
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There was once a judo master whose student was involved in a serious auto accident. The ten-year-old boy’s left arm was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. Everyone thought that would end the boy’s judo aspirations. However, the loss of an arm only increased the boy’s determination to compete. So, despite the amputation, the judo master agreed to continue training the boy, but he focused all the training on one extremely difficult move. The boy complained, wanting to be just like the others who were learning all aspects of the sport. The old master convinced his one-armed student not to question but to learn. So they practiced that one move day after day, week after week, month after month.

Eventually the one-armed boy was allowed to enter a judo tournament where he surprised everyone by advancing through several rounds and into the finals. His opponent in the championship round was faster, stronger, and more experienced. This guy had mastered dozens of judo techniques. And he had two arms. The one-armed boy seemed completely outmatched. Spectators admired his courage and determination but felt sorry for him. Then at one point in the contest the superior athlete lost concentration. At that moment the one-armed boy executed his one move. There was nothing his opponent could do to escape. After the match everyone wanted to know how a one-armed boy could possibly be the champion.

He won for two reasons,” his teacher answered. “First of all, he has mastered one of the most difficult moves in all of judo. Second, the only defense against that move is to grab your opponent’s left arm.”


Read this story from the book, Wikichurch, by Steve Murrell. He was emphasizing on discipleship, that the church grew because of one passion, that is discipleship. It is my prayer that we come to a point of living, breathing and dreaming of making disciples. May this story remind us that we can go back to a simple, Biblical method, that is…to disciple. It’s really not about the newest innovation, as a pastor, I am passionate about discipleship, because it is first, a command by Christ, and second, the only way for us to grow. May the church we are in be known for making disciples. May I be a pastor who would be known as someone who points people to Christ through discipleship.


Interested in the story? Read more from the book Wikichurch, by Steve Murrell.


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