1 John. Defined.

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks)

John the Beloved wrote the largest in a three part series in Ephesus around 90 – 95 AD. He wrote about the fundamentals of the faith and about demonic teachings as he needed to expose the beginnings of a heresy that is threatening to destroy the early church, particularly Gnosticism. Clearly, he wrote about light vs. darkness, truth vs. falsehood, and the victorious life in Christ. Much of the book is about God as light and love. He also emphasizes on a holy Christian walk before the Lord.

Gnosticism is very much a problem today as it was in the time of the Apostle John. This heresy separates the material world from the spiritual world. In today’s version, we can look at movies such as star wars, were in the force is separated from the physical being. We also have cults that separates Christ as a physical being and thus downgrades him into a demi-god or a human being totally. We can go back to what the Apostle John is teaching us. Thus, 1 John is as relevant today as it is relevant back then. To arm ourselves on how to deal with falsehood, we must discern what is true, we must keep ourselves aware of what truth is and arm ourselves with it. We should not be surprised at heresies anymore. It has been a problem since and John helps us face it. Thus the question is if we are equipped enough to face it head on.


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