2 John. in 2 paragraphs.

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks)

Second John deals with the church as they have welcomed false teachers into their homes. These false teachers have taken advantage of Christian hospitality and thus John addresses the issue that love must be discerning. He warns the readers of his letter against showing hospitality to false teachers. He teaches that the basis for Christian hospitality must be common love and interest in the truth. Thus, this letter talks about Christian hospitality, the basis, the behavior, the bounds and the blessings of Christian hospitality. He talks about God as loving God and at the same time, God of truth.

Sometimes, we welcome the wrong teachers into our lives. For instance, the allure of prosperity gospel, the enticement of positive thinking, the smooth words of wrong interpretation of some teachers, these are just but a few of the things we swallow without thinking of consequences. We have to be aware of what we allow in our lives. We should ask ourselves if these are the things that present who God is. We should be questioning if this is the truth that Scriptures is presenting to us. For as much as we want comfort in this lifetime, we should go back to what Scriptures is saying.


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