3 John. Expounded.

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks)

The third letter of John is a personal one. This letter is a rebuke to Diotrephes but at the same time, a commendation to Gaius for his kindness. The whole idea of the letter is about hospitality. This letter focuses on the goodness of God, and that Christ is truth. Strong words are seen here as condemnation for those who don’t follow the standards of welcoming the saints. It is balanced by commendation for those who show kindness to God’s people. At this point, reading the first two letters of the three part series should be enough to nail the point on who to welcome and who to refuse, however, in this case, Diotrephes was rude to the ones he was supposed to welcome.

In a similar manner, we are as guilty as Diotrephes. Even if we know who we are supposed to reject and who we are supposed to welcome, we fall into the same trap as Diotrephes did. Hence, we all need a jolt sometime to remind us that we should be aware of who we welcome into our lives. We can ask the question, what do we feed our minds? We can also ask, how do we treat our fellow believers? Do we really unite with one another or are we in the mindset of “mind your own business”? As much as we would put Diotrephes in a spot and say “he was wrong”, this letter should make us look at ourselves and see if we have Diotrephes in each of us.


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