Hey Jude!

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Ma-Papel (Paperworks)

This letter is written by someone who used to be skeptical about Jesus. He is, after all, the half brother of Jesus. His other brother, James, wrote a letter to the church in Jerusalem while Jude writes to the same church. This is one of the shortest letters in the New Testament. This letter is about contending for the faith in the midst of apostasy, that is defection from the faith. The feel of this letter is similar to 2 Peter. While Peter’s letter anticipates the coming of false teachers, Jude deals with them. Jude tells us what an apostate is. An apostate is someone who is ungodly, morally perverted, deny Christ, defile the flesh, rebellious, revile angels, dreamers, ignorant, corrupt, grumblers, fault finders, self seeking, arrogant speakers, flatterers, mockers, someone who causes division, worldly minded, and without the Spirit. Thus, we have to remove them in our churches, take away their teachings and have nothing to do with them.

While we want to lead people to Christ, we must also be aware that it is possible that we are the ones who would be misled. Caution is necessary when dealing with apostates. However, it is hard when someone who is close to us is the very person that we need to correct. It is easier to talk about apostates as those who belong to a cult, however, it would be a different scenario when it is our friend, or someone we know. We must, at all times, be on our guard and do our task of discipling one another, and teaching the right things. We must be careful that what we are teaching are from Scriptures, and that is why we place high value on studying in a Bible school. We want to equip ourselves. For the layman, we need to continuously study Scriptures.


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